Persian Traditional MedicinePatient-centered medicine


Medical Doctors are exempted from taking some courses so that they can save tuition fee and fininsh the program faster


Code Course Practical hours Theory hours Prerequisite
AA1 Palpational Anatomy 24   N/A
AA2 Hands-on techniques 60   AA1
CC1 Co-Op 120   CI2
CI 2 Common conditions   96 HM1
PT 1 Philosophy of Sina Medicine   32 N/A
PT2 Symptoms and Signs in Sina Medicine 24 24 PT1
HM1 Herbal Medicine   80 PT2
AR1 Aromatherapy   20 HM1
TH1 Thesis N/A N/A CI2


High school Diploma is the minimum reqiurement to start the Dr. of Sina Medicine program. The other universities graduates are welcome to apply for our program


Code Course Hands-on hours Theory hours Prerequisite
AA3 Anatomy & Physiology   152 BN1
BN1 Biochemistry & nutrition   32 N/A
MC 1 Microbiology   16 AA3
PH1 Pharmacology   16 AA3

The rest of the courses are similar to Medical Doctors. Please refer to that section