CertificationsCCHTM offers certification courses. These courses are designed to improve clinical skills. These are short but very important courses. 


ثبت نام در دوره طب بیمار محور

8000 USD / 3 years

Dry Needling is one of the fastest growing technique to be used in Chronic and Acute Musculoskeletal pain. This technique can release trigger points and release muscular spasm. 

Curriculum for Positional release:

Day 1-5: Dry needling for upper body and back muscles

Day 6-10: Dry Needling for lower body and abdomen


Positional release is one of the best Osteopathic techniques used to release muscular spasm and pain. This technique does not cause any pain for the client or therapist so it is very convenient .

Curriculum for Positional release:

Day 1: Positional release for upper body

Day 2: Positional release for lower body


In this exciting short course participants  will learn how to perform a relaxation massage for their family members and friends.

Relaxation massage curriculum:

Day 1: Massage history and relaxation techniques

Day 2: Fascia techniques